5 Things to Do When You’re Try to Conceive

You have made the decision that you want to try to conceive.  While some women will only need to toss their contraception, others have more challenges in conceiving. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for a third child, this expert advice will help you conceive and get a healthy pregnancy. Here’s what you should do to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Go for a Preconception Check-Up
While it’s not a must, we recommend a medical check-up before you can conceive to determine if your body is in good shape to carry a baby. That way, you can lay the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy.
Your OB/GYN will offer professional advice regarding your health and suggest the lifestyle changes you need to make to get pregnant.  Besides, your doctor or midwife may discover health issues that may affect conception and address them accordingly.
Infertility issues can be hereditary and affect roughly seven-percent of all couples, according to the National Institutes of Health. Together with your doctor, you’ll discuss any history of infertility in your family so he/she can advise.


Stop Contraception

Ditch the condoms, the cap, diaphragm, natural, and any other types of family planning if you want to conceive.

Track Your Cycles & Have A Lot of Sex
While a couple looking for a baby should have sex throughout the month, a woman has a few days in a month to maximize the chances of conception. That’s during the ovulation day, around day 14 when your body releases an egg and a few days leading to ovulation.
So, keep track of your cycle and do what works for you. However, while knowing your cycle is okay, do not be fixated on the date at the expense of having fun sex. It shouldn’t feel like an obligation rather than enjoying the intimacy with your partner.


Curb or Quit Alcohol Intake
According to CDC, there’s no safe amount of alcohol when you’re trying to conceive. Our take on the issue is that you shouldn’t take alcohol at all. However, some doctors will advise that if you must, limit yourself to one drink a day.
Besides, too much alcohol is associated with erectile dysfunction and low-quality sperm. Healthy sperm will also boost your chances of getting pregnant. It is helpful for your partner to lower alcohol consumption for some time as well.


Begin Taking Prenatal Vitamins
If you’re trying to conceive, just know that it’s not too early to begin taking prenatal vitamins. They’re rich in nutrients crucial for you and your baby.
Folic acid is a perfect example of the nutrients contained in the prenatal vitamins that are highly essential in the early development of the baby. It promotes ovulation, enhances fertilization and supports the survival of the embryo in the early stages.  Additionally, folic acid may help prevent neural tube defects


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