What Is the Best Way to Maintain Fitness During Pregnancy?  

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule during pregnancy is both safe and beneficial to the mother and the unborn baby. So, you shouldn’t stop engaging in exercise when you are expecting a baby.

Which activities are safe for you and baby to stay fit during pregnancy? Engaging in low impact activities are best. It is advisable to avoid activities that put you at risk or increase the chances of trauma to your abdomen. Read on to find out the activities that you could consider for maintaining fitness during pregnancy.

What Activities Are Good for You and the Baby?pregnancy fitness dr eule md greenwood village co

Choosing appropriate activities to engage in during your pregnancy period will require some forethought. However, anything that is classified as low risk is good for you and the fetus. This includes all activities that don’t require rapid movements and those that don’t depend on balance. Here are some of the activities that are good for you and the unborn baby.

  1. Walking

Walking is the most prominent exercise among expectant mothers. It is safe and comfortable. In fact, it’s the most recommended exercise for expectant mothers who are just beginning to engage in regular exercise. Walking is classified as a low risk since it’s easy to control the exertion levels. Walking is excellent since it provides overall body exercise and improves overall cardiovascular fitness.

  1. Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a great choice for increasing flexibility and muscle strength during pregnancy. There are classes that are designed for pregnant women.  Search for classes at your local recreation center or private yoga studio.  In addition to strength and flexibility, yoga will help with stress management and will likely improve your quality of sleep.

  1. Weight Training

Studies show that moderate weight training using weight machines and free weights will also help you stay fit. However, if you have never engaged in weight training before, avoid it during your pregnancy period. Some of the benefits of engaging in moderate weight training while pregnant include improvements in strength and flexibility, which helps your body to adapt to the numerous physiological changes that tend to happen during pregnancy.

  1. Water Fitness

Water sports such as water aerobics and swimming are both safe and fun. Swimming is one of the most recommended water sports since it works all the muscles in your body while eliminating the risk of overheating. Water aerobics, on the other hand, is excellent for cardiovascular fitness. Water sports are safe since there is no risk of losing balance or falling. The water supports your body weight hence the risk of muscle strain is low.

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