Common Signs You May Have Endometriosis and Not Know It

Although endometriosis is a common problem, many women affected by the reproductive disorder do not receive a diagnosis. A serious condition with no cure, here are common signs you could have it.

Heavy Periods

It is normal to have heavier flow at the beginning of your period every month. However, if the flow remains extremely heavy over a good part of your period, this could be an indication of a serious problem. Another indicator of the condition is a period that lasts for more than seven days. Most women with endometriosis will also notice blood clots in their period blood.

Severe Menstrual Cramps

Minor cramping is a common occurrence even in women who do not have endometriosis. In case your cramps are devastatingly painful and interfere with your daily activities every month, you should visit your gynecologist. If you experience pains and cramps that none of your friends complain about, it would be wise to seek a professional opinion.

An Unpredictable Cycle

In the event that there are changes or abnormalities in your cycle, endometriosis may be the cause. When your flow comes too soon or fails to come on time, there is a chance that you have the condition. If you notice that you have an unpredictable cycle, you should schedule an appointment  with your doctor.

Gastrointestinal Pain

One of the reasons why diagnosis may be difficult is because endometriosis can be confused with other conditions. Sometimes, endometriosis can cause intestinal pain, diarrhea and constipation, leading you to think that you have a food intolerance or a gastrointestinal problem. Even as you look out for these symptoms, you should remember that IBS can accompany endometriosis.

Bleeding in Between Periods

Mostly, endometriosis will be characterized by heavy bleeding. This means that bleeding in between periods may be another sign. It is important to make note of any bleeding in between periods and visit a doctor in case the situation is a cause for concern. The fact that endometriosis is usually challenging to catch makes it important to have an experienced gynecologist.

Painful Intercourse

Pain during, soon after or pain that goes on a few days after intercourse is another big indicator of endometriosis. Although a good number of things can make sex painful, when such pain is combined with abdominal pain or digestive discomfort, there is a chance that you have the condition. The pain associated with endometriosis will mostly be sharp as opposed to mild discomfort.

Pain when Using the Bathroom

Just as with gastrointestinal pain, women who suffer from endometriosis may experience pain when they use the bathroom. Since pain appears to be a constant theme when it comes to signs and symptoms of endometriosis, visiting your doctor when you experience such pains would be a wise move.


Infertility is perhaps the most common sign that you have endometriosis, considering that about 50% of women with the condition experience infertility. Inflammation of the endometriosis is known to damage the egg or sperm or interfere with their movement. In serious cases, the condition will lead to blocked fallopian tubes. If you are having a difficult time getting pregnant, you should speak to your gynecologist.

Extreme Fatigue

If you frequently feel exhausted for no apparent reason, you could have endometriosis. Experts say that this condition is associated with general lack of energy, making exhaustion one of the common signs. Whether or not you suspect endometriosis to be the culprit, you should discuss with your doctor when you experience this kind of fatigue.

Pelvic, Back and Chest Pain

Pelvic pain that worsens with menstrual periods or sexual intercourse is a common sign of endometriosis. Other types of pain you may experience include back pain as well as pain in distant organs such as the lungs. Sometimes, chest pain will result in shortness of breath.

As with any other condition, the doctor will examine you to establish whether these symptoms are as a result of endometriosis. It is important to have a reliable doctor that you can contact at any time of the day or night.

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