Preventive Care

Well Woman Exam

preventive care well-woman examAlso referred to as an annual exam, a well woman exam involves a breast exam and a pelvic exam, which includes a pap smear screening for HPV and cervical cancer. If this is your first visit, you may also discuss your family’s medical history and any current health issues or concerns.



It is not uncommon to feel anxious or uncomfortable before a gynecological exam, especially if you do not know what to expect. Dr. Eule’s practice is focused on compassionate, individualized care. You can rest assured she will take the time to listen and to get to know you as a patient. Dr. Eule believes in educating her patients so you have a clear understanding of what is going on.

STD Testing

Annual well-woman examRoutine STD testing is important for all women who are sexually active, as many STDs may not have any symptoms. It is also a good idea to be tested if you are starting a new relationship or if you have had unprotected sex. STDs are contagious and can be very harmful to your health if not detected early and treated. Be sure to ask that your screening for STDs be included in your exam, as it is not always part of your regular checkup.

Testing for STDs varies depending on the type of infection. Some testing, such as for gonorrhea and chlamydia, is done by performing either a swab or urine test. Other infections including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are tested through a blood sample.

Adolescent Care

Teenage women should begin adolescent gynecological care to become familiar with the exam process, discuss her menstrual cycle and ask any questions about concerns as she enters into adulthood.

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