Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection, sometimes referred to as a UTI, is also known as a bladder infection. Symptoms include a persistent urge to urinate, frequent urination producing very small amounts of urine and burning while urinating. If you are experiencing a watery discharge that has a fishy odor, you may have an STD or bacterial vaginosis. Your gynecologist will perform a urine test and culture to determine if you have a urinary tract infection in order to diagnose treatment. It is very important to see an OBGYN as soon as possible if you think you have a UTI. If left untreated a urinary tract infection could spread to your kidneys and may lead to a kidney infection.

The most common type of treatment for a urinary tract infection is to prescribe antibiotics. If you experience recurring urinary tract infections, you may have a type of bacteria that isn’t sensitive to antibiotics anymore. Have your gynecologist determine what the best treatment is for you, as many other gynecological concerns may have similar symptoms and it is best to make sure you are not facing a more serious health issue.

If you are experiencing signs or symptoms of a urinary tract infection, contact Dr. Eule’s office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Eule is currently accepting new patients. A Board Certified OBGYN who is passionate about giving her patients personalized care, Dr. Eule and her team of women’s health professionals will provide you with the individualized care you expect from your gynecologist.

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