Top Four Things to Love About Being Pregnant Over the Holidays

If you are pregnant this holiday season, things could seem a bit more challenging than usual. For example, you may feel nauseous at the smell of holiday foods you normally love if you are still in the first trimester. If you are towards the end of your pregnancy, you may feel like you should not plan anything at all just in case you go into labor. While these and other holiday situations could leave you feeling a bit anxious, there is also a lot to love about pregnancy during this festive season. We’ll explore just a handful of reasons below.

You Get to Share the Excitement of a New Life with Extended Family

The holiday season gives opportunities to connect with people you may not see much during the year.  Family and friends near and far take time to spend together during this season.  How exciting it will be this year to share your pregnancy with both family and friends. Those closest to you will get to share in the joy of your pregnancy and celebrate the anticipation of your new baby as you enjoy each other’s company over the holiday season.

You Have More Time Off Work to Prepare and Enjoy with Loved Ones

Welcoming a new life into the world is exciting but it also requires a lot of preparation. Having extra days away from work gives you time to devote to shopping for baby gear or getting the nursery ready. You also have extra days to spend with your partner and other family members as you enjoy the traditions of the holidays together. Little ones typically bring a renewed excitement to the holiday as your whole family gets to experience the wonder of the season again through the eyes of a baby. It gives you something to look forward to as a family and can bring each of you even closer than you already are.

Others Do Not Expect as Much from You

It is normal for people to feel protective of expectant mothers, especially your partner and other close family members. If you have hosted a holiday celebration in the past, they may tell you to skip it this year and let someone else take a turn. You may even find that your family members tell you to just sit down and relax while they take care of the dishes and other chores. While you can always pitch in if you feel up to it, you may not get the chance to feel so pampered again for a long time.

Delicious Food All Around

When you are eating for two, you can often get away with sampling a bit more of the holiday goodies. From work parties to events with friends, to family celebrations, the opportunities to enjoy wonderful foods, drinks, and snacks are abundant. Of course, you will need to monitor what you consume closely, especially if you have gestational diabetes. Try not to go overboard in general,  but it still allow yourself to enjoy some holiday treats.

Be Sure to Keep Up with Your Regular OB-GYN Appointments

Although life can get hectic over the holiday season, don’t forget that you still need to see Dr. Eule for your regular check-ups. She looks forward to working with you for the rest of your pregnancy and helping to deliver your baby into the world. Happy holidays!